Annual Summit

Presenter in Front of Group

With an average attendance of over 200 individuals, this is southwest Ohio’s most comprehensive professional development event.

The event itself includes representatives from various fields making it one of the best opportunities for networking around. These can include industries of all types including development companies, real estate firms, government, economic development organizations, financial institutions, utility companies, institutions of higher learning and students.

This day-long economic development conference features respected keynote speakers discussing topics such as finance, real estate, regional cooperation, workforce development, infrastructure construction and other areas of interest.

The Summit and post-Summit reception are structured in a  way to provide all participants with an opportunity to grow their business and network with other successful professionals in your region.

This year’s speakers were Jay Williams and Dean Barber. Jay Williams is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development whilst Dean Barber is the President and CEO of Barber Business Advisors. Jay is a recipient of the 2007 John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award and was most recently appointed by President Obama to serve as the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. Barber is part of a Dallas based economic development consulting firm which provided Fortune 500 and international companies with site section analysis, strategic planning, industry target analysis and business development.