Building Relationships. Promoting Professional Development.

Generating economic strength for the Greater Dayton Region.

The I-70/75 Development Association is a dynamic regional economic development organization of several hundred public and private sector professionals working within the Greater Dayton region in southwest Ohio.

Our membership covers Ohio  areas served by the Interstates Interstate 70 and Interstate 75, stretching from Shelby County in the north to Butler County in the south, and Preble County to the west and Clark County to the east. Professionals from all over this region meet at our monthly breakfast meetings to network and take in the rich content offered These meetings give a great opportunity, not only to network, but also listen to engaging speakers such as business leaders, policy makers, financial experts, development specialists, innovators, entrepreneurs, government leaders and educators. As a member, there are regular opportunities to forge relationships with the very people that drive development in the Dayton region.

Through regional co-operation, we look to be a positive force committed not only to generating economic growth, but also community development and involvement. To maximize our outreach and impact on the community, we collaborate on opportunities and special events with government, industry, higher education, business development associations, professional associations, chambers of commerce as well as other networking groups.

We also sponsor joint events with other successful regional economic development associations, chambers of commerce and networking groups.

We truly believe that each of the Association’s members’ success is paramount to the continued prosperity and growth of our entire region.

Regional Economic Development Summit

Planned and hosted each year by the I-70/75 Development Association, the Regional Economic Development Summit is a well-attended, diversified economic event in the region, drawing hundreds of professionals from across the region.

The conference program features expert speakers looking to share a wealth of knowledge and how-tos on various subjects including finance, real estate, regional co-operation,  and workforce development, as well as a host of other current development topics.

The Summit is structured in a way as to provide participants with many opportunities to build their network with a wide variety of development professionals. It is not just a fantastic event to network with peers, developers, government and community leaders but also an opportunity to have fun in a lively, friendly atmosphere.

Click our Annual Summit section for more information regarding this year’s Development Summit.

I-70/I-75 Development Association Program Scholarship

The Association also awards a yearly scholarship program enabling one member or a member’s dependent student a $1,000 scholarship. This scholarship can be applied to university degrees within the public administration, urban affairs, or business related fields.

Guidelines and applications for this are available by emailing the Association at president@i70-75.org. The application deadline is May 1st of each year.

Member Benefits

Take advantage of all the incredible benefits with your I-70/75 membership today!

Joining the I-70/75 Development Association immediately makes you a part of an extensive network of high-achieving professionals determined to drive not only progress in their own companies but yours too. We include organizations in the Dayton region from Shelby County in the North all the way to Butler County in the South, and Preble County to the west, Clark County to the east.

Your membership in the area’s premier regional economic development association opens the door to many benefits:

Building Construction

  • Access to information about development initiatives, upcoming construction as well as other Dayton related initiatives BEFORE they reach media outlets and the public.
  • Access to a high-powered network driving economic development in Dayton and surrounding communities.
  • Access to the finest experts in both public and private sector development, finance, market research, construction and development trends.
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development through knowledgeable speakers at monthly membership meetings and the associations Regional Economic Development Summit.
  • Members-only access to the association’s membership directory.
  • Membership newsletter as well as updates regarding your territory’s developments.
  • Opportunities to meet new customers, clients, partners and colleagues that otherwise may have been improbable to connect with.
  • Members-only networking and special events.
  • One fee covers an entire organization, therefore all your employees are covered.
  • Opportunities to contribute directly to the economic growth of Dayton

Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of membership?



The emergence of the I-70/75 Development Association goes back to a meeting in 1987. Representatives of six different communities realized at this point in time that they had more to gain from co-operation than competition.

In 1988 the “North I-70/I75 Development Association” was incorporated, starting off with members from 11 communities.

By 1992, membership had greatly expanded to 80 including many communities that resided outside the northern part of the Dayton region.

In 1993, “North” was officially dropped from the organization title to become what is now known as the I-70/75 Development Association.

Today our membership has never been stronger, with approximately 100 member organizations.